Intermittent Fasting...

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The speed with which a lifter performs repetitions can impact the hypertrophic response. Despite limitations both in the quantity of research and aspects of study design, some conclusions can be drawn on the topic.

From a hypertrophy standpoint, speed of movement may have greater importance on the eccentric component of a repetition. Although concentric and isometric contractions have been shown to produce a hypertrophic response, a majority of studies seem to show that eccentric actions have the greatest effect on...

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Get your mental reps in...

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Slow Reps

Researched-based workout program that focuses on building long-term quality muscle + a stronger mind-muscle connection that you can apply to other areas in your daily life.

Fasting Reps

Customizable intermittent fasting protocol that you can customize based on your own lifestyle, goals, and preferences. Build muscle and get lean while still feasting on your favorite meals every day.

Social Reps

Allowing a community to be built so you can support others and be supported by others and myself, you'll have access to ask and answer any questions you may have. You'll also be able to hear from me as well.


Cardio Reps

Whether you're getting rid of that last bit of fat, training for a marathon, or just wanting to improve your overall health, improving your cardiovascular health and endurance doesn't have to sound challenging... unless you want it to be.

Keto Reps

With research developing around ketones and its' profound benefits that range from improving our cognition to reversing chronic disease, we now know how to get away with 100g+ carbs and still maintain a state of ketosis.

Mental Reps

It is what it is...